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Thailand at a Glance

The Country

Thailand, situated in the heart of The southeast Asian mainland, Is the regional hub of business and transportation, and a gateway to the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN), with its combined market of 570 million people.


Land: 513,115 sq. Km
Population: 66.25 million
Capital: Bangkok (The largest city, with over 11 million inhabitants)
The climate: Tropical monsoon
Average Temperature: 27° C


uddhism (93.9%), Islam (5.2%), Christianity (0.7%), other (0.2%)
Source: National Statistics Office

Nacional Language: Thai

Currency: Thai baht (THB)

National Flag

The national flag comprises five horizontal bands of red, white, and blue. The central blue band represents the monarchy. It is hemmed by two white and two red bands representing religion and the nation, respectively.


Form of Goverment:

Parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch

Economy (as of December 2008)

GDP: USD 273.4 billion

GDP per capital: USD 4.081

Exports: USD 175.3 billion

Imports: USD 175.1 billion

GDP composition by sector: Agriculture 8.91%; industry 40.12%; services 50.97%

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  • Bangkok is 3rd in top 10 “World’s Best Cities” Rankings, with Chiang Mai 5th.
    Source: Travel + leisure’s World’s Best Award 2009
  • Thailand is “ Most Favored Asian Destination”
    Source: The 2009 Go Asia Award Survey
  • 1st “Best Country Brand for Value for Money”
    Offering the most in return for the price you pay.
  • 3rd “Best Country Brand for Friendly Locals”
    Welcoming citizens who make visitors feel Comfortable
  • 3rd “Best Country Brand for Authenticity”
    Delivering distinctive, genuine and unique culture and experiences
    Source: the 2008 Country brand Index (CBI)
  • Bangkok is 2nd among “Best Cities for Chopping in Asia” and 3rd among “Best Cities for Business in Asia".
    Source: Smart Travel Asia “Best in travel poll 2008”
  • Phuket is 2nd among “ Best Holiday destinations in Asia”
    Source: Smart travel Asia “Best in travel poll 2008”
  • Bangkok Is 1st in the “Best Cities of Asia 2008” ranking, with Chiang Mai 2nd.
    Source: American readers of condé Nast Traveller Survey

Business Ranking

  • 3rd in Asia (12th in the world) for “Ease of Doing Business”.
    Source: World Bank, doing Business 2010
  • Biggest automotive producer in Southeast Asia
    Source: the Economist’s Pocket World in Figures, 2009


  • World’s largest hard disk drive producer
  • World’s largest natural rubber producer
  • World’s 12th largest automotive producer
  • World’s largest exporter of rice
  • World’s 19th largest economy by purchasing power
    Source: Ministry of Commerce, January 2009